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At home and elsewhere, I provide English copywriting services that drive sales. My work offers more than just snappy content. I'll identify unique selling points, develop site structure and offer brand strategy consultation—of course, maybe you only need a captivating call to action or an editor for your LinkedIn business profile. I do these things too!


Smart copy transforms just another voice in the crowd to a front-and-centre brand message. What's yours?

Connecting the right words to the right people does more than simply relay information. It moves your audience and opens up dialogue. Quality content reigns, not keyword-laden gibberish. Evoke a valuable response with the language your target understands.


You, me

and all the wonderful things we'll do.

Who is he?

Good question. I'm Chris. Hi. I've been copywriting for a near-decade. I've served as lead editor and copywriter for an international guidebook publication and head writer and webmaster for renowned hospitality group. As a freelancer, I've been commissioned for several projects from Enfamil, Oikos and ZAGAT. I'm also a cat person.

Why should I pay him to do stuff?

Even better question. For one, I'm fast. Squeezing through tighter than tight deadlines and stomping out last-minute fires is my thing. For two, I'm good. My experience spans web, print, radio, video, translation services, social media, SEO, B2B, B2C, PR and a whole other slew of acronyms. Together, we'll draw out specific goals, identify strongest selling points and put something to page that reaches, resonates and returns on investment. Learn more.

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